Naphthenic Process Oil


Model :

SUNTHENE 410 (20L) (200L)
SUNTHENE 415 (20L) (200L)
SUNTHENE 450 (20L) (200L)
SUNTHENE 480 (20L) (200L)
SUNTHENE 4130 (20L) (200L)
SUNTHENE 4240 (20L) (200L)
SUNTHENE 250J (20L) (200L)

Naphthenic Process Oil is known for its color insensitivity under heat or ultraviolet.  The product contains aromatic substance making it applicable to all types of rubber. The product has undergone the hydro-refining process and therefore making it compliant with the European Union’s carcinogenic standards.

Product volume

20 Litres, 200 Litres