SUNOCO and Cat Lee towards the Finished Line

SUNOCO and Cat Lee towards the Finished Line

There are more and more talented and skilful female racers in motorsports

industry nowadays and one that stands out from the crowd is “Cat Lee” or

Natthanit Leewattanawarakul who has been demonstrating her brilliance in

Thailand Super Series tournament for a period of time. In the 5th year of this

tournament, Cat Lee is concentrating on Seat Leon TCR and its 2,000 cc. turbo

engine which is different from the 1,500 cc. to which she is accustomed.

Previously faced with the problem from accumulated engine heat, this year she

switched to Sunoco Brill 0W-30 motor oil which eliminates heat problem and gives

her the confidence that SUNOCO will take her to the finish line in the first place

this season.