Gasoline Engine Oil / Fully Ester Base


SUNOCO BRILL 0W-20 (4L x 4)
SUNOCO BRILL 12.5W/40 (1L x 10), (4L x 4)
SUNOCO BRILL 17.5W-50 (1L x 10), (4L x 4) 
SUNOCO BRILL 20W-60 (1L x 10)

As specifically researched and developed by SUNOCO, ES-TECH, also named by SUNOCO, is the highest-grade base oil which offers not only higher lubrication and engine protection, but also prevents evaporation.  This is the technology that SUNOCO has further developed from the manufacturing of refrigeration oils.



Manufactured using ES-TECH technology, the non-polymer formula in this product provides an excellent shear stability to this motor oil, with low viscosity and high cohesiveness.

Product volume

L x 10, 4L x 4